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The purpose of this diagnostic device is to detect botrytis mycelium in plant material or in air samples. The monoclonal is described as a botrytis-specific monoclonal antibody, BC-12.CA4  (Meyer and Dewey, 2000 & Meyer &  Spotts, 2000) that has been found useful in the detection and quantification of B. cinerea in juice from grapes for wine production and plant material (Dewey, F. M., Ebeler, S. E., Adams, D. O., Noble, A. C., and Meyer, U. M., . J. Enol. Vitic. & Meyer &  Spotts, 2000). BC-12.CA4 recognizes an antigen, possibly a glycoprotein, with the antigenic binding site on L-rhamnose. The antigen is expressed from the first appearance of the germ tube during germination and can be observed by immunofluorescence along the entire length and tip of the germ tube but not on conidia.


The test does not discriminate viable and non-viable botrytis infection state. So, should not be used to assess the efficacy of control treatment. For example, a control treatment may be applied and kill the botrytis. However the botrytis antigen will likely remain and  be detected by the test.


The test is a preliminary screen and it is recommended that results be confirmed by an alternate method.


The test result will depend on the sample assessed, the sample size and the sampling process. A negative result does not preclude the presence of botrytis.


As the test may well be used for field & protected crop testing activities protect the test during storage by avoiding hot or cold temperature extremes. Do not leave in direct sunlight or in a vehicle.


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